About Us

Who is Virtually Aligned Business Services

We’re a company, located in Yuba City, California, that provides off-site professional support to busy executives, small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits.

We are off-site professionals, also known as virtual assistants, who are highly-skilled and experienced independent contractors that remotely provide administrative, technical and/or creative business support services.

The primary goal of our virtual assistant services is to free up your time so you can work on the things that only you can do. When you step away from the day-to-day operations and release yourself from having to oversee every piece of every project, you will have the time and energy to focus on business growth projects.

Having the right assistant who is trustworthy and dependable is the key to a good partnership. We say partnership because as we work together to grow your business, it will start to feel like you have a partner, someone who wants to see your business succeed as much as you do.

We deliver consistently and reliably. Ever dependable, we maintain expectations. We thrive on being loyal and worthy of our client’s business.

Our Founder and President

Michelle Downing founded Virtually Aligned Business Services to bring her entrepreneurial spirit and diverse experience and skills to clients in need of part-time professional assistance to reach their corporate and organizational goals.

Her professional background includes work as an Executive Administrative Assistant, Event Manager, Community Relations and Marketing Coordinator, Physician Liaison and Physician Recruiter, most recently with a large non-profit healthcare group.

Michelle is detail oriented with strong project management skills, from vision through to execution. She is innately resourceful and a lateral thinker who can transform concepts and ideas into innovative solutions. She has keen business acumen that supports the client goals and bottom line with creativity and integrity. She prides herself on her strong work ethic and her expectations of high performance from herself and her team.


To exceed our client’s expectations with a rock-solid commitment, always delivering trustworthy and dependable results.


To be the preferred Virtual Assistant Company that provides a broad range of support services, staffed by knowledgeable, skilled professionals aligned with our client’s needs and goals, virtually


Selling back time so our clients can focus on the development and success of your enterprise

What to expect

A TRUSTED PARTNER: Essential to the relationship

We truly care about our client’s businesses. We understand the overall business vision, excited by the things to come, thrive on the day-to-day operations and strive to make the business succeed. We treat our client’s business as if it were our own. In a sense, hiring us is like having a trusted partner invested in your business.

A DECISION MAKER: Making all the decisions is exhausting!

Operating a successful business requires a lot of day-to-day decisions and often projects are delayed because business owners don’t have time to handle them all. Fortunately, most decisions don’t have to be made by the business owner. Virtually Aligned is willing to make decisions on our client’s behalf. This doesn’t mean we will be making all the decisions; however, after establishing a guideline with our client, they can certainly handle many issues that arise throughout the day.

COMPLETED PROJECTS: A key component to bigger profits

Aside from the business owner, Virtually Aligned is the workhorse of the business. We spend our time planning, organizing, and managing the tools, resources within the business. Our focus is on ensuring things are running smoothly; answering questions, dealing with unexpected issues in a timely manner, and keeping projects on track so that business goals are met. The seamless transition from one project to the next allows the business owner to stay focused and the business to grow their enterprise.